Safety Sunglasses

Safety glasses are used in most industrial and construction sites. These glasses are meant to provide optimum protection for the eyes against flying debris and dirt, as well as small particles of metal and paint. Just like a hard hat and gloves, safety glasses are crucial for protection. Even those working in chemical laboratories make use of safety glasses to protect their eyes from toxic chemical particles and fumes. However, it should be strong enough to withstand all these things that could harm our peepers.

Safety glasses are made of laminated glass which is multiple layers of glass coated with a special kind of clear plastic called Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). In case of breakage, the film holds the broken pieces of glass together to keep it from going to the eyes. This layer of film on glass makes it difficult to penetrate that is why it is very useful in jobs that deal with a lot of flying particles and harmful substance spatters that may injure the eyes and the area around it.

These glasses are usually in a wrap-around design to make sure it protects the eyes from all angles. These are large enough to allow better view. It is big enough to protect your eyes and your eyeglasses as well if you need to wear them inside. However, there are safety sunglasses that can be ordered with a prescription so you would not need to wear your glasses inside of it.

Safety sunglasses are not only used at construction sites, industrial factories, or chemical laboratories. You can also wear them at home if you need to deal with something and you know it might affect your eyes. You can wear it while doing crafts like woodwork and spray painting. You just have to make sure that the inside of the safety sunglasses are free of dust before wearing them.