Radiation Safety Glasses

For medical practitioners and technologists, protecting the eyes against harmful radiation during radiation therapy is crucial. During such procedures, the eyes are at a high risk of getting exposed to harmful radiation hence adequate protection should be provided. Radiation safety glasses play a critical role in protection against the effects of radiation. For people working in treatments in the radiology labs they should be provided with leaded eye wear to protect them form the harmful radiations.

The radiation safety glasses prevent excessive radiation released by the imaging devices used for diagnosis. It is important to note that, exposing of unprotected eyes for a long duration of time to radiation can lead to the development of different types of cancers and eye cataracts. When the eyes are exposed for a short period of time to radiation it could easily lead to radiation poisoning. This can in turn cause certain complications such as nausea, hair loss and general body weakness. The radiation eye glasses are fitted with lenses that are leaded aimed at protecting the eyes through the absorption and dispersion of the radioactive kind particles that may come in to contact with the eye.

The safety wear is considered unique and are available in a number of lens options, fits and designs. Therefore, an individual can get the most suitable one according to his or her taste and preference.

There are certain factors that one should consider when selecting the most suitable radiation safety glasses. The lens and frame are essential elements of these glasses. The glasses should meet the required standards such as the lead equivalency (75mm), clarity, size shape, safety and the ability to transmit intense light.

It is worth noting that the safety of the patient and that of the radio therapist depends on the radiation safety glasses selected.