Shooting Safety Glasses

More than 30,000 people are injured each year in gun accidents, and a significant fraction of non-fatal cases cause eye damage to the user. It is important to purchase shooting safety glasses that will protect from powder, smoke, light flashes, and small debris, and to find glasses strong enough to protect the eyes against kickback from rifles. These glasses are stronger and more affordable than ever before, so there is no reason to avoid buying a quality pair of shooting safety glasses.

Safety goggles do not have to be a burden for sportsmen. They can be discreet, stylish, and comfortable — all while ensuring the highest levels of safety for wearers. For sportsmen there are many camouflage patterns available, as well as frames built from durable metals that are light enough to carry effortlessly but strong enough to rattle around unharmed in a bag or truck.

Some gun users, especially hunters, believe that shooting safety glasses may compromise their shooting accuracy or give away their position to animals. However, the latest anti-glare technology can deflect light off glasses and towards the ground instead of reflecting it back towards objects in the field. This glare reduction will improve shooting accuracy by removing sunlight from the shooter’s eyes and bringing the foreground into sharper focus, all while protecting the eyes from gun kickback and flying debris.

Select a pair of shooting safety glasses that fit snugly, cover both eyes (including the full eye sockets), and do not shift or slide with sudden movements. Once a pair has been found for fit, ask a retailer to see all styles available in that size. Sportsmen may wish to buy a camouflage pair, while sport shooters may need lenses that are glare-resistant and filter out both UVA and UVB light. Make sure that frames are shatter-proof in case of kickback from a rifle.